My Passion About The Angiopteris evecta ferns



The propagation of the Angiopteris evecta ferns was a challenge for some experience botanist due to the complexity of the ferns.
I took the challenge for myself to make up an experiment to propagate the Angiopteris evecta fern from spores, which it was a trial and error experiment.

On my first batch I did successfully propagated.
The challenge was how to transplant the  sporophyte ferns without damaging their rhizoids roots, so I went ahead and transplanted the sporophyte ferns.
Within days after transplanting, I started to notice that my sporophyte ferns were dying.
At the time I didn’t know what the cause was.

After I had lost my first batch of sporophyte ferns.
Over time my second batch of spores came up into prothallus.

As this process still on going. I started to take photos of my second batch as it started developed through the propagation stages.
After transplanting them all I left them in for about three months.
By then some of the sporophyte ferns were getting little bit over crowded.

My next step was to transplant them into plastic flowering pots with soil.
I was very nervous, that I have passed the first stage of transplanting.
This was the second stage of transplanting they were all still small, but fragile sporophyte ferns.

Transplanting my sporophyte ferns was tricky but it was successful.
After transplanting my sporophyte ferns, they are doing very well successfully.
Unfortunately the second batch of sporophyte ferns, were cross-contamination by other ferns spores, which is a common thing.

So I decided to learn more about the Angiopteris evecta ferns, by reading any journals I could find and talking to botanist’s from different herbariums.
I also invested a microscope to looked into how, why the spores of the Angiopteris evecta ferns cannot propagate and investigate the reason behind it.
I started to collect different sporeings of the Angiopteris evecta ferns, and started to make my own data, by taking photos and filing them on my computer.

With the data, that I collected, which I decide to expand my horizons to make my own website for everyone around the world to see, it was like the world can watch my work flourish and prosperous.
It is a learning curb for myself to get a better understanding about these Ancient Neotropical ferns and unlocking theirs Ancient secrets.




Young frond unraveling it's leaves

Young frond unraveling it’s leaves.