– Propagation:

The Propagation of the Angiopteris Evecta Fern

 The Trial and Error Experiment

The propagation of Angiopteris evecta ferns isn’t an easy task to do.
As its a very slow growing fern and one of the biggest.

The sporangium clusters also contained over 1000+ spores in each capsules.
The sporangium clusters have a thick wall and don’t have an annulus, which only have a membrane.
As the membrane walls break away between the sporangium cluster, which form a tubular opening where the spores are exposed for sporing.

The spores have to go through another process, where the monoecism mycorrhizal gameophyte have to break through the outer skin of the spore.
This process can take up to a month and half, its depend on the conditions and temperature.
As there over 1000+ spores, where most of them will died before reaching prothullas stage.
Only very few will succeed to becoming mature juvenile ferns, about 1 percent.