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Conclusion of The Angiopteris evecta Ferns


Angiopteris evecta ferns are one of the Neotropical giants from the Palaeozoic era, makes them rare and endangered in their own native regions.
Like the introduced species, which they came from European Seafarer’s, which they have established over a period of time.
They are becoming invasive pests, by the way they screened out any native plants that belong to their region, which Angiopteris evecta ferns are register with the Global Invasive Species Database in some countries.
These Neotropical ferns are becoming endanger and vulnerable in their own native regions that they numbers has decline over recent years, which one of many contributes are prolong dried and wet periods and feral animals that have an detrimental effect on the Angiopteris evecta fern species.

My conclusion come down to about the Angiopteris evecta ferns with their poor taxonomy of the species itself.
For one example is having the Australian and South Pacific Angiopteris evecta ferns, which some lived close to the coast while other are inland. The differences are slightly various with the crown and the fronds.
Some of Angiopteris evecta ferns lived inland are longer fronds, but shorter in height and they crown base is a conical. [Carnarvon Gorge]. [Daintree Rainforest]
Where the others lived on the coast have a vertical crown and longer frond. [Fraser Island]
It may have do with the environment or geographical in the way they adapted in difference places. 

Another reason is that the Angiopteris evecta ferns not much is written or research on properly with the conflicting  judgement on the species in a whole.
To get to know these Neotropical fern species is by looking at it in another perspective.
Where I found a new door opening to discover more about the species itself.
By doing my trial and error experiment help me to understand its complexity, by trying to propagate these Neotropical ferns will give the species some chance to survive for another millennium.