– Fertilisation:

Proceeds To Become a Success


Antheridium [male] where is it above the rhizoid roots, its capsule shape with a cellular lid.
When a mature Antheridium comes into contact with water droplets the cellular lid popped off, while the cellular walls of the Antheridium capsule starts to dissolve as the emerging Antheridia sperms will swim up to reach the nearest Archegonium [female].
The Antheridia sperms is made up of a spiral body with flagella’s a slender thread-like structure to help it to swim by repelling itself though the water.

For the mature Archegonium [female] is ready to be fertilize, which it is just below the notch of the prothullas.
Where the neck of the Archegonium [female] will be opened enough for the Antheridia sperms to swim down to the egg at the base of the Archegonium [female].

Many Archegonia’s [females] would be fertilize, but only one will be dominated to proceed to become a sporophyte fern.
This photo shows the  Antheridium [male] and the Archegonium [female] in the process of fertilisation.