– Spores:

 Exposing The Spores From It’s Concealed Disguise


The sorus clusters on the Angiopteris evecta ferns is on the edge of both side of the leaves. The sporangium clusters are approximately about a 1mm in size, which is seen with a naked eye. The sporangium  capsules range from 9 to 11 in each clusters.
The shape of the sporangium capsules is buttress from the back, which opens from the sides forming a tear shape towards the front, which meets in the middle of an opposing sporangium capsules.
The Angiopteris evecta sporangium clusters don’t have an annulus, which has only has a membrane to help to releases the spores.

The sporangium capsules is a hard and woody nut like texture, with parallel lines going across the capsules.
The spores shape is a sphere, with an opaque white colour to yellowish-brown, which looked like silica beads.
The range of spores in the sporangium capsules is an approximately about 1000 or more.
Sporeing of the Angiopteris evecta spores, needs the right combination of temperature and moisture to release the spores for it to germinate.