– Bisexual Organs:

The Reproduction of Angiopteris Evecta Fern

The bisexual organs in the prothullas has a Antheridium [male] are just above the fine hair rhizoid roots, and has well for the Archegonium [female], which it is just below the notch of the heart shape of the prothullas.

The Antheridium [male] and Archegonium [female] have to mature before it can sexually self-reproduced.
By the Antheridium [male] capsule will turn dark in colour to show its maturity, while the Archegonium [female] matures by the opening of the neck ready for the Antheridia sperms to fertilise the egg at the base of the Archegonium [female].

The photo below shows the Archegonium [female] just below that is Antheridium [male] in 200x microscopic images.