– Re-Potting The Giant King ferns:

 Using Engine Lifter To Re-potting Angiopteris evecta Ferns 


Re-potting a Giant King fern isn’t an easy task to do, as they are large and heavy.
Using an engine lifter helps with re-potting the ferns, as well it is beneficial to the ferns to limit any stresses while re-potting.

By removing the old tree bag is peeling downward without ripping or tearing the bag itself.
Assuring that the engine lifter crane is position in between the bag and the fronds, while placing the strapping around the base of the fern to make sure it is securely firm.
Jacking up the engine lifter to a height, where the tree bag can go underneath the root ball without damaging it.

This is beneficial to the fern as they are a still fern they don’t like a lot of movement.
Less movement will be better for the fern to recover after have been re-potted.

Placing soil medium mix in the bottom of the tree bag, lowering down the engine lifter crane, where the root ball is sitting on the soil medium in the centre of the tree bag.
Remove the engine lifter with great care, without damaging the fronds.

Add extra soil medium in surrounded space in the tree bag, while limited any air pockets.
Let it settle about a week before add any more soil medium to your ferns.