– microscope:

Looking At A Fern Perspective Under A Microscopic World


With my trial and error experiment, I thought a microscope would be handy to take photos of different parts of the fern to show another perspective in a microscopic world.
Each magnification show different perspective of the fern view under the microscope.
Especially the 200x magnification the photos were incredible and precise, which normally you would see it in a high power microscope that didn’t take photos or videos to a computer.

Each microscopic images show here view in great detail of the ferns structure.
It shows the different aspects of the fern including the spore capsule with it exposing spores.
Other microscopic images showing the midrib of the leave showing it’s hairs.

With the microscope I was using need to be upgraded for a more powerful magnifications.
As I was using a magnification up to 10x to 200x, I have found a new upgraded microscope, that had a magnification up to 100x to 600x.
The new upgraded microscope has a better quality in taking photos and videos.